Break the chains!

Today we can feel the anxiety and frustration of being cut out from meeting our friends and visiting like-minded people abroad. Even from meeting people close to us. Covid-19 is the chain we carry now. We are tied down.

Listen to this. Va, pensiero, sull’ali dorate. This is how Giuseppe Verdi painted us the destiny of Hebrew slaves in Babylonia 2500 years ago. They were deprived of their homeland and chained to stay put against their own will. Ruled by a king Nabucco (Nebukadnessar) who had lost his mind. There was valuable memories and the rude restrictions that prevented people from fulfilling their desires. This emotion had a burst out in this Chorus of Hebrew Slaves.


The opera Nabucco had its premiere in Milan in 1842. It became the symbol of Italin liberation from suppression. This is also why it is so emotional. Just like Finlandia by Jean Sibelius always touches our souls in Finland.

Now we are ruled by a ”madman” called Covid-19. We yearn to be liberated from the chains of this pandemic. We miss our friends across the world. We belong together but are cut apart for the moment.

This is a tribute to freedom and pursue of one’s own will. The joy of meeting each other in the atmosphere of respect and rejoice our typical but different features. Extending our perception and understanding on human life across the globe. Basic values of Camping and Caravanning.

This also a salute to my friend, highly appreciated Pasquale Zaffina. I regret that we missed the wonderful opportunity to visit Ostia and Rome during summer 2020. I know we would have received a lavish presentation of Italian culture and Opera as well. But – This too shall pass.

At present it is wise to temporarily comply with restrictions. In order to secure what we cherish – ability to meet again, learn about new landscapes and pay respect to the wonderful shades of various cultures.

We belong together, let us not be chained down by anything for a long time!

Salute to my friends on this Valentine´s Day!

Olli Rusi